Where Does Adrienne Bailon Live

Where Does Adrienne Bailon Live

Where does Adrienne Bailon live? Based on recent reports, she resides in a very nice place in New York. She is living there while performing her job as a dancer, singer, and actress. She was born on October 24, 1983, at some place in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Her complete name is Adrienne Eliza Bailon. She became very popular after she became part of the girl group the Cheetah Girls, which is part of the Disney Channel. She specializes in music, particularly in Latin pop, hip-hop and R&B.


Finding Beauty in a New Routine

The talk show host Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and the musician Israel Houghton have been quite busy during the quarantine. They moved into a new house, which was empty, and had to become each other’s camera crew for their work.

This new routine kept them occupied. Adrienne films multiple episodes daily for her show “The Real.”

Despite the challenging circumstances, they found a silver lining in spending quality time together. Adrienne and Israel also became more engaged with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Adrienne used her social media platform to share information on how her followers could contribute, donate, and vote. She even pledged to donate 20 percent of her jewelry company’s proceeds to the George Floyd Memorial Fund.

They also hosted a live stream on Adrienne’s YouTube channel, discussing how to talk to kids about systemic racism, which was followed by a worship session by Israel.

This issue is deeply personal to them since Israel is mixed-race, and they have biracial nieces.

Adrienne described her platform as crucial in addressing these matters and called it the most meaningful YouTube video she has ever made. As for their marriage, Israel believes this period has brought them closer.

It’s a time for intense conversations and a stronger bond as they navigate their differing perspectives. They see this time as an opportunity to be more human and less focused on their celebrity status.

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Creating a closer bond.

While at home, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton and Israel Houghton have taken on various professional and personal projects. They decided to forgo a kitchen renovation and instead painted the cabinets white themselves.

As for the furniture they bought online, they’ve taken up the task of building it themselves. Israel has been honing his cooking skills, and Adrienne, with her interior design skills, has put her talents to good use.

Adrienne is not just a talk show host; she’s also an entrepreneur who owns a vegan handbag line called La Voûte. Israel, in addition to writing and producing music, streams worship services for different churches.

They’ve also incorporated daily guided meditation and Peloton workouts into their routine.

Working from home has presented some challenges, especially concerning how to film each other’s professional commitments.

Adrienne set up equipment to film her show “The Real” from home, with the only furnished room being their bedroom. Israel has taken on the roles of camera operator, production assistant, lighting technician, and sound engineer. He also films episodes for Adrienne’s YouTube channel, “All Things Adrienne.”

The couple takes turns producing videos for Israel’s music performances, which are shared with churches across the country.

They’ve learned some valuable lessons about working while in quarantine and have shared a few tips on how they manage home-based production.

Embrace improvisation.

Adrienne and Israel acknowledge that much of their home production is about experimenting because they’ve never done so much themselves. Adrienne has developed a good eye for aesthetics, whether it’s placing a plant strategically in the background or adorning Israel’s piano with pillar candles.

She’s learned that while she’s good at the visuals, the audio quality can be a challenge. They invested in equipment to set up an audio system using an iPhone, which was not a straightforward task. But improving the sound quality can be as simple as using a well-placed microphone.

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Discover what works for you.

Adrienne’s key advice is that practice makes perfect. Surprisingly, she’s been doing her own makeup for her show for three seasons, but she had never attempted to style her naturally curly hair.

With lockdown restrictions preventing her from getting a professional blowout, she embraced her “corona curls.” The trick, she added, is to learn what works for you and what doesn’t, and then take your time doing it yourself when you’re not rushed.

Laugh through it all.

The couple’s consistent approach to handling their new normal is humor. They keep things lighthearted around the house, even when things don’t go as planned.

Adrienne has pretended to be a yoga instructor during their workouts, and Israel has tried to make a meal from a mix of ingredients, such as a banana, beans, and a keto tortilla.

If things get too frustrating, they take a break, relax in their pool, and then return to the project.

Transparency is okay.

Israel’s laughter in the background of Adrienne’s show, “All Things Adrienne,” has become the norm, and her audience appreciates it. They prefer the unpolished footage and respect that her husband is behind the camera instead of a 15-person crew.

Israel finds her entertaining and hysterical, so not laughing at her jokes is virtually impossible for him when he’s working the camera for the show.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Aside from her impressive skills in music, she is also famous for her talent as a fashion designer, television personality, and actress. From 1999 to 2007, she was part of the 3LW, which was also known as ‘3 Little Women.’ After that, she joined the girl band Cheetah Girls together with Kiely Williams and Sabrina Bryan. Her stint in the group was from 2003 to 2009. She started dating Rob Kardashian in 2007, the lead star of the hit reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

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Bailon has already appeared in a number of films and television shows. Her acting prowess became evident in 2004 as part of the television sitcom “That’s So Raven,” where she worked with Kyle Massey, Orlando Brown, and Raven-Symone. In 2005, she was part of the cast of the theatrical film entitled “Coach Carter.” In that same year, she also played a role in the TV film entitled “Taylor Made.” Furthermore, she also took part in the Disney Channel’s Original Movie “Buffalo Dreams.”

In 2006, she played the lead role in the comedy film “Cuttin’ da Mustard,” which was directed by Reed R. McCants. In the same year, she appeared in her second Disney Channel Original Movie, namely “The Cheetah Girls 2.” She was also part of the cast of the MTV film “All You’ve Got,” where she played the character named Gabby Espinoza.

Bailon had a very busy year in 2008. First, she appeared as guest in the hit TV sitcom “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.” Next, she took part in the third installment of the Cheetah Girls movie entitled “The Cheetah Girls: One World.” In that year, she had a cameo role in the film “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.” Likewise, she also joined the TV concert show “The Cheetah Girls: Live el Concierto,” which was held in Spain.

She also appeared in recurrent roles for her boyfriend’s reality series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” In 2009, she played the lead role in the movie “Four to the Floor.”