Where Does Ashley Tisdale Live

Where Does Ashley Tisdale Live

Where does Ashley Tisdale live?

Based on many reports, she currently resides in the City of Los Angeles in California. Likewise, other sources said that she and her family own a house somewhere within Toluca Lake, which is also found in California.

For fan mails, the letters are usually addressed to the New Talent Management at P.O. Box 2939 in Beverly Hills, California.


Inside Ashley Tisdale’s Los Angeles Home She Designed Herself

Ashley Tisdale, the actor from “High School Musical,” always wanted a home that was ready to move into and matched her style. In January 2021, she found what she was looking for in a one-story house with three bedrooms and four bathrooms in the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood of Los Angeles.

She mentioned to Architectural Digest that this house was in excellent condition, so she didn’t need to change anything, which was different from her previous homes, like her bungalow in Los Feliz, California.

When decorating her new house, Tisdale was careful to choose furniture that not only matched the house’s style but was also comfortable for her husband, Christopher French, and their toddler daughter, Jupiter. In January 2022, she shared on Instagram that picking her own furniture made her really happy.

She said, “Curating a home myself that’s filled with pieces that bring me joy or remind me of good memories is something that helps make me feel balanced and inspired. Especially during a time when we’re spending so much of our lives at home, being in an environment you love is everything!” She went for neutral colors and lots of unique furniture pieces to make her home special. This is a peek into the lovely home where the star lives high in the hills.

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The living room is livable

Ashley Tisdale’s living room is all about comfort. It has high ceilings, white walls, brown-framed windows, and a small fireplace without a mantle. The decor uses light colors, creating a peaceful atmosphere in the room.

The focal point, as Tisdale shared on Instagram, is the oversized beige sofa by Mario Bellini Catalonia, which has a 1970s style. It’s big, has tufted details, and sits relatively low to the ground, which was common during that time. There’s also a matching ottoman, gray-and-beige throw pillows, and a Hermes blanket for cozy nights by the fire.

The white and grey marble coffee table by Apparatus was cut diagonally to add more dimension. Behind it, you’ll find two Sabin wood and leather chairs. Next to the fireplace, there’s a slim console table with a small vintage brown lamp, a large quartz crystal, a ceramic catchall, and stacked art books.

Behind the sofa, there are two more wooden chairs with a guitar leaning against the wall, creating a cozy atmosphere. Tisdale has been open about her mental health struggles, and having a calm environment like her spacious living room helps her feel centered.

She likes fresh air and good energy in her home

Ashley Tisdale values fresh air and positive energy in her home. She shared on Instagram in 2021 that lighting a candle, opening the windows, and playing music is good for the soul. She finds relaxation in the fresh air and makes it a daily ritual to open the windows in her home to let in the soothing scent of eucalyptus from nearby trees. Her home has French windows with dark brown wood frames, which is a trendy choice.

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To bring in positive energy, she revealed on social media in January 2022 that she clears old energy from her house by burning chips from the Palo Santo tree, found in Peru’s Yucatan Peninsula. She explained that the aroma clears away negative energy, promotes relaxation, and helps with stress and pain.

Additionally, the smoke from burning Palo Santo has antioxidants and Limonene, which have anti-inflammatory benefits. Tisdale also places crystals like quartz and amethyst throughout her home to enhance good vibes because these stones bring harmony.

She shared with Vogue in March 2022 that she has been dealing with anxiety for years, so anything that adds calm and peace to her surroundings means a lot to her.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Ashley Michelle Tisdale was born on July 2, 1985, in the borough of West Deal in New Jersey. Today, she works as a songwriter, singer, and actress. Likewise, she is also known as a television producer. She also starred in a number of TV commercials, representing brands like T-Mobile and Toys R Us. In the closing parts of the 1990s and early parts of 2000s, she took part in playing roles for a number of television series such as “Bette,” “7th Heaven,” “Smart Guy” and “The Hughleys.”

Her impressive acting performance in the TV drama “Boston Public” got her nominated for the 2000 Young Artist Award.

The first solo music release of Tisdale was entitled “Headstrong,” which was released sometime in February 2007. The album was an instant hit, sold more than 64,000 copies, and debuted at the fifth spot of the Billboard 200 music chart. The song was highly successful, thanks to singles like “Not Like That,” “He Said, She Said” and “Be Good to Me.” Aside from pop, her musicality also includes a touch of rock and ballad. According to her, some of the artists who influenced her style include Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.

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In addition to her impressive music career, Tisdale also has a great acting career. She has played major parts in films like “A Bug’s Life” in 1998, “Donnie Darko” in 2001, and “Nathan’s Choice” also in 2001. Aside from these, she also starred in the television film “The Mayor of Oyster Bay” in 2002. Moreover, the success of the motion picture “High School Musical” in 2006 boosted her career even more. She continued her excellent portrayal of the character Sharpay Evans in “High School Musical 2” in 2007 and “High School Musical 3: Senior Year” in 2008.

Tisdale has already received a number of impressive nominations and awards. Some of her most recent awards include the Best TV Actress at the 2007 Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Awards for the television show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.” Likewise, her brilliant singing skills helped her win the Breakthrough Performance Female at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards for her role in High School Musical 3: Senior Year.”