Where Does Leonardo Dicaprio Live

Where Does Leonardo Dicaprio Live

Leonardo DiCaprio still lives in Los Angeles, where he was born and raised. He also has an apartment in Manhattan, New York.

He also owns an apartment overlooking the Hudson River in New York. DiCaprio also has a home in Riverhouse and recently bought an island in Belize.

Biographical Information

He was born on November 11, 1974 in LA. His mother was a secretary and his father George DiCaprio was a comic book illustrator.

His parents separated when he was a year old. Leonardo lived with his mother. However, his father visited regularly and they would go to museums together. He studied high school at John Marshall High.

Exploring the Spectacular Real Estate Portfolio of Leonardo DiCaprio

When you think of Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s hard not to picture him in iconic movie roles, but there’s more to this Hollywood superstar than just his on-screen presence.

He’s also a real estate tycoon, and his houses are as captivating as his performances. Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t just an Oscar-nominated actor; he’s a collector of extraordinary homes, each more breathtaking than the last.

With a staggering net worth of around $260 million, he’s turned the art of owning property into a true masterpiece.

From California to New York, Palm Springs to Malibu, DiCaprio’s real estate portfolio is a star-studded show of luxury.

And the pièce de résistance? He’s one of the privileged few who can call a private island in Belize his own. Let’s take a closer look inside the enchanting world of Leonardo DiCaprio’s awe-inspiring homes.

1. Malibu House | Leonardo Di Caprio House

Back in the 1950s, Leonardo DiCaprio made his first move into the world of beachfront property. His pick was a 1,765-square-foot bungalow with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

What makes this place truly special is all in the fine details. They used brass finishes inside, which added a touch of elegance to the whole structure.

The choice of materials was quite exquisite, with brass and marble making the project timeless. But what keeps it fresh is the bright blue patterned wall that winds around the stairwell inside. It brings a feeling of newness to the indoor spaces.

Step outside onto the wooden deck, and you’ll find a different kind of warmth. There’s a hot tub that stretches out toward the beach, making it the perfect spot to soak in the view.

2. Spanish-style hacienda in Silver Lake

Back in 1999, Leonardo DiCaprio decided to invest $796,000 in a large Spanish-style house on the West Coast. This was no ordinary home; it spanned three floors, and there was even an elevator to connect them. Inside, the house had room for four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms.

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What made this house truly special was its unique, natural beauty. It had exposed beams and ceilings, which gave it a rustic charm.

Hardwood floors add to this rustic feel, making it a really cozy space. If you stepped into the backyard, you’d find a swimming pool that was linked to the main lounging area through a series of Spanish-style arches, making it the perfect place to relax and soak up the sun.

3. Palm Spring

Back in 1964, Leonardo DiCaprio decided to invest $5.2 million in a vacation home just on the outskirts of Palm Springs. This extravagant getaway was part of a massive Palm Springs complex, where many other actors also owned vacation homes.

The house itself is a grand 7,100 square feet, and it comes with a bunch of extra perks – a tennis court, a swimming pool, a guest house, and a separate gym.

The clever design work by architect Donald Wexler managed to fit all these fantastic features while still providing a cozy vacation home with six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

It’s a true oasis in the desert, and it’s just one of the many houses that make up Leonardo DiCaprio’s impressive real estate portfolio.

In addition to his relaxing vacation and beach homes, Leonardo DiCaprio also had a few modern-style city residences. These places came with high-tech features like air filtration systems, solar panels, and even in-duct aromatherapy.

The idea behind these city homes was to offer a simple and calming lifestyle, giving him a way to escape the busy city life and find some peace. It’s all about creating a comfortable and serene space for him to unwind.

4. NYC Battery Park

Back in 2008, Leonardo DiCaprio bought an apartment in a tall 32-story building right in the middle of New York City. This building is all about promoting a healthy and eco-friendly way of living.

That’s why it was designed with features like a 24/7 fresh air system, a water treatment system, and solar panels to help the environment.

But that’s not all. The complex also offers some fantastic extras. There’s a billiard room, beautiful outdoor spaces, a yoga studio, a spa for dogs (yes, you read that right!), and a 50-foot lap pool. It’s all about making life in the heart of the city comfortable and enjoyable.

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5. Greenwich Village | Leonardo Di Caprio House

Leonardo DiCaprio extended his living spaces by owning an apartment in Greenwich Village, right next to the NYC Battery Park. He invested $10 million in a spacious condo covering 3,663 square feet. This condo featured three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

What made this place stand out were the amazing amenities it offered. It had a walk-in steam shower with a special light therapy system, circadian rhythm lighting to keep your internal clock on track, a built-in station for making fresh juice, and in-duct aromatherapy to keep things smelling nice and relaxing.

And for a Hollywood actor like DiCaprio, having a house with a stunning view of the Hollywood hills is like a dream come true.

After the huge success of Titanic, he bought two houses right next to the Hollywood Hills to celebrate his achievements. It’s all about living the Hollywood dream.

6. Madonna

Back in the early ’90s, Leonardo DiCaprio purchased his very first home near the Hollywood Hills. As time went on, he transformed the property’s basketball court into a spot for hosting election night viewing parties. It’s where he and his friends gather to watch the election results.

7. Hollywood mansion

In 1994, just a year later, Leonardo DiCaprio added another property to his collection. This time, he chose a stunning mansion nestled in the rolling terrain of the Hollywood hills.

This mansion featured five bedrooms and a whopping eight and a half bathrooms, all sprawled across a vast 12,530 square feet of space.

But that’s not all – this mansion came with an abundance of amazing features. There was a special screening room for watching movies, a wine cellar, a spa for relaxing, an infinity pool to take a dip in, and even an extra-large underground garage to store all his cars. It was like his very own paradise in the Hollywood hills.

8. Los-Feliz Mansion | Leonardo Di Caprio House

The Los Feliz mansion was originally built for musician Moby back in 1928. Its cozy atmosphere and unique charm inspired Leonardo DiCaprio, who decided to buy it for $4.91 million. This house was designed in a traditional Romanesque style, featuring stained glass windows that filled the interior with colorful light. Ornate decorations adorned arched doors and entrances, but the rustic ceiling gave the house a touch of simplicity.

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The architect blended the traditional style with a modern twist, creating a layered, interconnected structure inside and outside. Each bedroom opened up to a beautifully landscaped terrace. These outdoor spaces were perfect for various activities like Zen meditation, yoga, swimming, and relaxing in the spa.

One of the hidden gems of this mansion was the lower-level guest suite, complete with a secret passage leading to a steam room. On top of that, there was a loft space that could be used as a yoga room or a study, making this house a true sanctuary for its owner, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Early TV and Film Career

Leonardo DiCaprio began his career doing bit roles in TV shows like Roseanne and the soap opera Santa Barbara. His first film role was in Critters 3. His first break came when he became a member of the sitcom Growing Pains.

In 1992 he was cast in This Boy’s Life with Robert DeNiro. He played the role of a troubled teenager and earned critical acclaim for his performance. He next played a mentally handicapped individual in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

He earned his first Golden Globe nomination for his role in the film. His subsequent movies were The Quick and the Dead (with Sharon Stone), the Basketball Diaries, and Romeo and Juliet.


In the fascinating world of Leonardo DiCaprio’s real estate portfolio, we’ve journeyed through his collection of remarkable properties. From beachfront tranquility to eco-friendly city apartments, he’s curated a range of homes that reflect his eclectic tastes and passions.

The fine details, luxurious amenities, and stunning views are all part of his signature style. With homes in Hollywood Hills, New York City, and beyond, DiCaprio’s real estate journey is a testament to his Hollywood success.

As we conclude this tour of Leonardo DiCaprio’s breathtaking houses, it’s clear that his homes are not just structures; they are reflections of his success, his love for design, and his commitment to a serene, comfortable lifestyle.

Each property is a chapter in the story of a Hollywood legend’s life, offering a glimpse into the unique world of a man who has conquered both the silver screen and the world of real estate.