Where Does Robert Pattinson Live

Where Does Robert Pattinson Live

  • Robert Pattinson purchased a 1,940-square-foot Hollywood Hills estate for $2,176,500 in 2014.
  • Rob has been in a relationship with model, Suki Waterhouse, since 2018.
  • Pattinson is currently living in a London flat with his girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse.
  • Robert Pattinson is starring as the caped crusader, Batman, in the new Matt Reeves film The Batman.

Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson is an English actor who’s super famous for his roles in movies like “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” “Cosmopolis,” and the really popular “Twilight” series from 2005 to 2012.

But here’s the thing, he’s not just into big, well-known movies. He’s also been in lots of smaller, indie films where he often plays characters who aren’t the typical heroes. He’s really good at it.

But here’s the exciting part. Right now, Robert Pattinson is getting ready to play Batman in the new movie “The Batman,” which a lot of people are looking forward to.

So, if you’ve ever been curious about where Robert Pattinson lives, you’re in for a treat. We’ve got all the details about his cool houses, both the ones he used to live in and the ones he’s in now. Plus, we’ve even got some pictures of his Hollywood place

Robert Pattinson’s Current Home: A Cozy London Flat

Right now, Robert Pattinson is living a calm life in a flat he’s renting in London. His girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse, is with him too.

They’ve spent most of their time together during the lockdown in this cozy place, and it looks like they’re not thinking about moving anywhere else anytime soon.

Robert Pattinson House London (Current)

Robert Pattinson currently doesn’t own a house in London. Instead, he’s renting an apartment there with his girlfriend.

Not much is known about their place, but sometimes you can catch a glimpse of it in photos on Suki’s Instagram. It seems that their apartment looks pretty ordinary, with some messiness. They’ve swapped fancy decorations for musical stuff like guitars, scattered furniture, and even a keyboard.

Robert Pattinson House Los Angeles (Current)

Robert Pattinson lives in a Spanish-style house in the Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles. This house was built in 1958, and it’s behind gates and a long brick driveway. He bought this 1,940-square-foot home in October 2014 for $2,176,500, which was more than the asking price.

He mentioned that he got this home to downsize from his previous place in Los Feliz. The house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and it’s been updated with lots of fancy features while keeping its charming style.

The kitchen has vintage terracotta tile floors, and the rest of the house has beautiful hardwood floors. The bathrooms have colorful tiled showers that give the house a hacienda-style look.

The backyard of Robert Pattinson’s house is amazing. It’s filled with beautiful green plants, and it has a patio that goes all the way around a small but lovely pool. What’s even more special is that the main bedroom opens onto a private patio with a sunken hot tub in the ground.

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Mr. Pattinson has probably made some changes and improvements to the house since he bought it, but based on information from the internet, it still looks quite similar to what you see in the pictures.

Robert Pattinson House Los Feliz (Former)

Robert Pattinson used to live in a fantastic house in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. This house, built in 1922, is a real estate gem. He bought it in 2011 for $6.275 million and stayed there until 2014 when he sold it to Jim Parson from “Big Bang Theory” for $6.375 million.

As you approach the house, a long brick driveway and a big fountain at the entrance give you a hint that this place is something special.

Inside, the living room is adorned with a lovely fireplace and a carefully preserved, hand-painted, original beamed ceiling that still looks as beautiful as when it was first made.

You’ll also find three sets of arched double doors that open into a lush courtyard where you can relax and enjoy outdoor activities.

The kitchen in Robert Pattinson’s old house has been updated and has a natural, earthy feel. It has green wooden cabinets, hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and a large farmhouse-style sink.

Even though there’s a formal dining room somewhere else in the house, the kitchen is a great place to eat, and it also has double doors that lead to a very private outdoor dining area.

While the inside of the house is lovely, the real standout is the numerous beautiful outdoor spaces and patios.

The person who designed the house wanted to create a smooth transition from inside to outside, and they did it really well.

Among the three bedrooms in the house, the master suite is the most luxurious. It’s filled with natural light thanks to the many double doors on both sides.

There’s a small private balcony just off the master suite with a stunning view of the courtyard and the green hills. Imagine waking up to that view every day

But we’re not done with the master suite yet. We must also show you the fantastic master bathroom and dressing room.

The bathroom has a nice bathtub and a classy glass-door shower with built-in shelves for your soaps and shampoos, unlike those showers where things keep sliding off (not that I’ve experienced that, of course).

A hacienda-style home wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful courtyard. This one has a large brick fireplace, lovely clay tiles, and rich wood trim, giving you that authentic Spanish farmhouse vibe.

Now, if you were planning the ultimate house party, this is where you’d want to host it! And we’ve saved the best for last. Feast your eyes on this enormous backyard paradise!

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There’s a kidney-shaped freeform swimming pool where you can cool off on hot California days, and it’s shielded from prying eyes by a security gate.

As an added bonus, the pool cascades down the hillside to a fountain and a koi pond, making the property even more beautiful.

In 2014, Robert Pattinson willingly sold this dream home for $6.375 million. Some people think he did it because he used to share the home with his former girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. After their public breakup, it’s possible that being in the house was too painful for him, so he decided to sell it and move on.

Robert Pattinson Harry Potter

Before he became famous for the Twilight movies, Robert Pattinson appeared in the Harry Potter series in the film “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” in 2005.

In that movie, he played the character Cedric Diggory. Even though he was only in one film, he became a favorite among Harry Potter fans. People loved his character, and there was a lot of merchandise featuring Cedric Diggory.

What House Was Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter?

In the Harry Potter world, Robert Pattinson’s character was in the Hufflepuff house at Hogwarts. Hufflepuffs are known for being loyal and friendly, and their house colors are yellow and black, with the symbol of a European badger.

Robert Pattinson Suki Waterhouse

After his breakup with his longtime girlfriend Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson was seen kissing model Suki Waterhouse in the streets of London in 2018. Although they didn’t confirm their relationship at first, it was later revealed that they had been dating for a few months before those public photos.

Suki Waterhouse has been in other high-profile relationships too, including a 2-year romance with actor Bradley Cooper and a short time dating James Marsden. As of 2021, Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse are still together and even share a flat in London.

Is Robert Pattinson Playing Batman?

Yes, Robert Pattinson is indeed playing Batman. He’s wearing the famous Batman suit and bat ears in Matt Reeves’ upcoming movie “The Batman,” where he stars alongside Zoe Kravitz, who plays Catwoman.

Initially, when the news came out in 2019 that Edward Cullen from Twilight would be the new Dark Knight, some people were surprised. But early footage of Pattinson as Batman looks promising, and no, they didn’t put any sparkles on the Batman suit!

Does Robert Pattinson Have Instagram?

As for having an Instagram account, Robert Pattinson has chosen to keep his private life really private by not having an Instagram page. When asked about it, he said he feels too “old and boring” for the platform.

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He also thinks that because his career has slowed down a bit since his Twilight days, fans might not be interested in what he’s up to now. But come on, he’s Batman, so he should give himself more credit.

Robert Pattinson Family

Robert Pattinson’s parents are Richard and Clare Pattinson. When they were working, Richard sold cars, and Clare worked at a modeling agency. They have three children together: Victoria, Elizabeth, and Robert.

Robert has always had a lot of support from his family in his acting career. His mother initially encouraged him to become a model when he was 12, but he later developed a liking for acting instead.

Robert has two older sisters. His eldest sister, Victoria, is a successful marketing consultant and entrepreneur. Lizzy, the other sister, is a popular singer and songwriter in the UK. Lizzy has been part of bands like Aurora UK and Milk & Sugar.

Robert is close to both his parents and his sisters. He often takes his mother to public events and movie premieres with him.


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5. Robert Pattinson’s Family:
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Robert Pattinson’s journey from his early roles in Harry Potter to becoming the iconic Batman is a testament to his versatility as an actor.

His family’s support, including his successful sisters, has played a significant role in his life.

While he keeps his private life away from social media, his professional life continues to shine.

As we look forward to seeing him don the cape and cowl in “The Batman,” it’s clear that Robert Pattinson’s star continues to rise in the world of entertainment.